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Journal of Basic and Clinical Health Sciences 2019 , Vol 3, Issue 2
Time Estimation and Risk Taking Behavior in Type A Personality Research
Pages 039-041 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.499
Polysomy 8 Syndrome: A Distinct Clinical Entity Comprising of Myelomonocytic/Monocytic Lineage Involvement in Acute Leukemia Research
Pages 042-045 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.505
The Notch Types of the Glenoid Cavity in Adult Dry Human Scapulae Research
Pages 046-050 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.535
A Cross - Sectional Analysis of The Association of Job Strain with Metabolic Syndrome and 10-Year Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Research
Pages 051-057 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.563
Relationship Between Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors in College Students Research
Pages 058-062 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.567
Serum Levels of Trace Elements, Vitamin D and Oxidant Status in Children with Asthma Research
Pages 063-068 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.580
Success of Tricuspid Valve Detachment for Ventricular Septal Defect Closure: An Assessment of Midterm Tricuspid Valve Function Research
Pages 069-072 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.586
Optimization of Different Surface Modifications for Binding of Tumor Cells in a Microfluidic Systems Research
Pages 073-077 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.601
Anticancer Efficiency of Curcumin on Ovarian Cancer Research
Pages 078-082 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.610
Limitations of Cross-Talk Between Osteosarcoma and Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Research
Pages 083-088 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.611
Weak Ring of Family Planning Trainings: Patient Rights Review
Pages 089-095 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.530
Flavonoids in Our Foods: A Short Review Review
Pages 096-106 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.555
The Effect of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Brain Tumors Review
Pages 107-112 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.590
New Insight of Tumor Microenvironment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Review
Pages 113-120 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.625