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Journal of Basic and Clinical Health Sciences 2019 , Vol 3, Issue 3
The Fall and Fracture in Early Stroke Patients and The Evaluation of Influencing Factors (1-Year Follow-Up) Research
Pages 121-127 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.613
Investigation of The Relationship Between Asprosin Levels and Metabolic Parameters Observed in Clinical Follow-Up in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Research
Pages 128-133 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.628
Assessment of the Educational Content of YouTube Videos about Chest Radiograph Interpretation Research
Pages 134-138 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.645
The Psychometric Properties and Clinical Use of the Turkish Version of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy–Lung (FACT-L) Scale Research
Pages 139-144 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.652
The Impact of Self-Leadership Skills of Healthcare Employees on Institutional Performance and Job Performance Research
Pages 145-150 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.661
A Research on The Suitability of Desk Ergonomy of a Foundation University for Anthropometric Measurements of Students and its Impact on Their Life Quality Research
Pages 151-157 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.703
Lu-177 PSMA I&T Therapy for Prostate Cancer; Treatment Response, Treatment Toxicity, and Survival Results Research
Pages 158-164 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.708
Initial Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Results of Alport Syndrome Research
Pages 165-169 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.719
Evaluation of Changes in The Hematological Parameters, Lipid Profile and Depressive Symptoms Before and After Smoking Cessation Treatment Research
Pages 170-176 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.723
Evaluation of Analytical Process Performance by Six Sigma Method Research
Pages 177-183 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.732
Antimicrobial Effect of Piceatannol, a Resveratrol Metabolite, on Staphylococcus Aureus Research
Pages 184-187 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.745
Overview of Paramedic Quotas at Universities and Number of Health Technician Staff in Turkey Between the Years 2008-2018 Research
Pages 188-192 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.779
Case Report
Long-Term Survival With Salvage Surgery in Persistent Lung Cancer Case Report
Pages 199-200 DOI : 10.30621/jbachs.2019.632