Prof. Mehmet Haberal is presented with The Award of The Spanish Order of The Civil Merit (Cruz de Official) by His Majesty King Felipe VI, King of Spain.
We are honored to announce that Prof. Dr. Seza Özen who is the member of Honorary Advisory Board of JBACHS has already won the Aziz Sancar Science Award of TUSEB.
We are happy to announce that The Journal of Basic and Clinical Health Sciences (JBACHS) is indexed by the Emerging Sources Citation Index since November 2017, and indexed by the Ulakbim-TR since 2017.
Journal of Basic and Clinical Health Sciences 2018 , Vol 2 , Issue 2
Belgin Ünal


Dear Readers,

The Journal of Basic and Clinical Health Sciences ( JBACHS) has a special focus on translational research. Translational research (or bench to bedside– research) is defined as an effort to apply findings from basic science to medical practice in order to enhance human health and well-being. However, there are gaps in translating the basic science to the daily clinical practice. The first translational gap refers to the difficulties and barriers of moving from laboratory-based basic research to clinical medicine. The second gap is between developing new treatments and knowledge and implementing them in practice for the patient or population groups for which they are intended. The third translational gap is using the results of health services research to inform wider health-related policy and practice. All those gaps needs to be addressed in a proper and timely way in order to scientific discoveries benefit the community. In the future issues of JBACHS, we will include invited review articles on translational research, barriers and potential facilitators in implementation.

We have four original articles and one case report in the May 2018 issue of the JBACHS. The article by Bakırhan et al. aims to investigate the effects of age on static and dynamic postural balance after total knee arthroplasty. They concluded that elderly patients were more disadvantaged than patients under the age of 65 in terms of the static and dynamic balance. The authors suggest a good assessment of balance while planning balance training programs after total knee arthroplasty. We have two articles related to medicine and nursing education; the manuscript from Aksoy et al. evaluates the nurses" knowledge, attitudes and opinions towards clinical research. They highlight the need for clinical research training in the staff nurses. The article from Haque et al. evaluates the educational environment of medical faculty of National Defence University of Malaysia and suggest improvements in the educational environment. The fourth manuscript by Şener et al. is a descriptive evaluation of over 40000 serum materials sent to a tertiary care hospital for Rare Antinuclear Antibody Patterns. Descriptive studies should be encouraged since they are useful in hypothesis developing for future analytical studies.

Editor in Chief on behalf of the Editorial Board
Prof Belgin Ünal